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About me.

My father was a musician. That was the reason why I started extremely early singing in studios. Because of that I have a natural feeling for choir singing. I was about eight years old when I sang for the first time an album as a studio singer .

That was the beginning of a Life full of music in any style.


Based in northern Germany, I traveled all over the world as a professional Singer in Studios and on Tours. Both as a soloist and as a backup- singer. 

Through my father I came from Swing and Jazz,
but I sang also a lot of Soul / Rock & Popmusic for many artists for example:
The Scorpions, Kid Creole, Helene Fisher (German Schlager Icon), Marius Müller Westernhagen (German Blues/Rock), the Weathergirls, Marla Glenn, Tony Christie, Albano & Romina Power( Italian/american Artists), Vicky Leandros (Greek Artist), Udo Jürgens (German Artist)
and many more.

Fotoquelle: Bigbasspic
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